Kamilia Kard is an Hungarian / Italian artist born in Milan, Italy. She holds a MA Degree in Political Economy (CLEP) from the Bocconi University, Milan (2003), a BA Degree in Painting (2012), and a MA Degree in Net Art (2014), both from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. Kamilia Kard’s work focuses on the construction of identity in the internet ag. The online projects reflect on how to build an image, a narrative and an identity that interfaces and communicates in a virtual and real space. The semiotics and phenomenology created around these works are an expression of a contemporary identity in which the narrative is mediated daily and routinely by different interfaces. Her involvement with the field of net art started back in 2012, with the online, collaborative project Bestwallcover (2012 – ongoing): an attempt to explore how people portray themselves publicly online, within the simple set of options offered by Facebook’s standard layout. The simple combination of the Profile Image with the Wall Cover is subject to endless experimentation, producing a stream of ephemeral self portraits, between transparence and opacity, self representation and identity construction. The project was very successful, welcoming hundreds of contributions from all over the world. Kamilia Kard also works on the digital, static or animated image, transforming it into animated GIFs, websites, prints, videos and installations. Her interest in classical and “traditional” images, taken from the immense archive offered by the Internet, is almost always inspired by personal stories, memories and fantasies. For example, the artist uses The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch on the Free Falling Bosch website to offer a dynamic representation of a contemporary issue: the sense of dizziness produced by a non-stop world, a sea of information resulting from infinite scrolling, and an instability established as a political, economic and social system. Other works by Kard show a personal predilection for nineteenth-century Russian and Hungarian academic painting, in which historic paintings and princely fantasies are contaminated with more contemporary images linked to fantasy, soft porn and the vernacular languages of the web, sprinkled with glitter effects and references to pop culture, and interwoven with more personal components, usually mediated through drawing. Since 2016 she teaches multimedia languages in Academy of fine arts of Brera, Milano, Netart at Alma Artis Academy of Pisa and 3D modeling in Academy of fine art of Carrara.